Math Meet 9/17/14 — Churchill

Good job at the first math meet! We had plenty of high scores!

Please check your email for the score spreadsheets and let us know of any errors immediately. If you feel that you did not do well, keep in mind that this is only the first meet of the season and the best way to get better is to continue practicing and attending our after-school meetings.

The official problems and solutions have been posted under “Handouts”. If you still have any questions regarding the solutions, feel free to email us.

There is no meeting next week due to a half-day on Wednesday. Be on the look out for emails regarding the next meet!

Great job again!

First Math Meet

Our first county math meet is tomorrow (9/17/14) at Churchill! The carpool forms have been released via email. Please look them over.

Remember to come out to the Colesville Rd. side tomorrow at 2:10 PM. DO NOT leave until your car has been signed off.

Let’s have a great start to the season!

First Meeting Follow-Up

We had a great turnout the first meeting! We had almost 110 people and handed out a lot of candy!

The Pset and our solutions have already been uploaded, along with the county permission slip package. We are in the process of uploading the competition schedule sheet and the lecture notes.

Please continue working on the problems; we may allot some time to discuss them next week. A more detailed email/post about next Wednesday will go out later.

We hope to see you all (and more) next Wednesday!